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mental empowerment

do you think the most important need of man not money or wealth but an empowered mind?, i do,i have seen people with money but poor why,because of poor mental empowerment.please say your ideas

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Live through the obstacles in life by defeating them.  The difference between learning from obstacles, instead of getting stuck in life by obstacles will be a great difference overall.  We are created to build our life as life goes on each day.  The perspective on life has a tremendous affect on the outcome of life as we grow.  Take the time to do the things in life that affect our value in life and our ability to deal with life in the best ways.

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I need to start the topic a a fresh with much excitement cz i missed a lot due to some circumstances. Thank you

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If you don't know where you are going, any way can take you there.

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I do agree with you Tammy, though some people might call it differently, it's always about mental empowerment. I've learned that this may be acquired in many ways, and most impotantly in the way mentioned here above by Brynley Brady. So, taking risks, refflecting on our mistakes, learning from them, reste goals...seem to be the SAFEst ways.

Mental health is a quality we all seeks which goes with wisdom

Good point Tammy. In life we all have choices of whether becoming rich or poor but what differs are the choices we take that then shapes our responses. This however doesn't ends here on just having a choice, there is much need for action to be taken that must be backed up by a burning desire for riches hence must be channeled towards a definite end. Some people have brilliant ideas but goes poor also in life, Have you ever seen someone whom you know of being an intellectual in a certain trend but still doesn't make it? it is now loss of focus or vision hence mental health is a totality of the full functionality of the mind. 


It is great to be creative in life because end up in life without dream fulfilement is like totally visionless, meanwhile we are all given the opportunity to exchibite our most purpose of coming to life existing thanks.
when everything is negative you got to be positive.


I see mental empowerment to be the the core source of goal achievement in life, because your mental empowerement capacity determine the level of goal Professional $ financial achievement in life.

Good morning all, an empowered mind is a change tool in any society or life. If your mind is empowered you become what the manufacturer originally designed a responsible, selfless and obedient creation.

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