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writing my first book

Hello Group 

I have just signed up for the writing course with Brian Tracey (Gulp!). It's a dream of mine to spread my message of hope to many people. Any advice / tips on how to get the best from this course if you have done something similar? .  I would love to hear from anyone connected with this subject 

Thank you Dr Wendy :) 

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yes I do have same question

Hi Wendy. We are on the same boat as I am doing something similar to you. I congratulate us for summoning the courage of writing a book. This will help us to position ourselves in the expert space. Are you writing fiction or non fiction? I am writing non-fiction. I have chosen a title which includes a heading and sub-heading. It is usually overwhelming to commence but sit in front of your computer and burn the keys. BLOCK TIME. As you write, more creative ideas will come forth. Usually the introduction is brief including the reason you are writing the book,  new strategies, your story of struggle, the reasons to keep on reading and a call to action showing the subsequent chapters. 

We need someone to be accountable to, reminding you at least to write a chapter a day. We can encourage each other to write if you agree.

Please let me know about your subject matter, if you will like a focus partner and how I can be of help.




Hi Carol 

Great to hear from you. you. Are You on the brian tracey facebook support group also? Congratulations :) You are right it's a brave thing and one I enjoy immensely. I have many ideas of fiction books ( novels, short stories and poems) but for my first book I am writing a non-fiction book combining my PhD and my business knowledge. I would love a support partner if your up for it?. I am in the process of writing a blog introducing my book a a taster from my own domain name ( host from blue host using wordpress. It is a large learning curve for me as I am severely dyslexic!. I am combining my time between running my business, creating my website and blog, running a home,  being a mum! Phew an t breaths when I can!  Where are you base carol? Xx 

Hi Wendy,

I feel you as I am going through same. Combining my main job with my passion, children, extended family but I manage them all the same. You can check me out on We can both support each other on creating agreed chapters per day. It will be fun going through this process with someone across the atlantic but accessible through technology. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. Where do you live Wendy?

Hola mi requerimiento es el siguiente me podrían remitir a una locacion donde pudiera encontrar información actualizada del señor Brian en castellano soy de Venezuela y no hablo ingles gracias y disculpen...


I am Venetka,

I just signed up for the program. I am very exited about it and believe that it will help me to finally get my message to the world published. My book is about Weight, Health and Wealth. I cant weight to start the program.    



I am Dipti from India.

I am glad to join this group. I also want to write a book on the guidelines of Mr, Brian Tracy.

Being a clinical psychologist by profession, i want to write about the different kinds of cases i deal with along with a few of my own life experiences. I look forward to interact with members of this group.



Greetings to you all.

One of my greatest strides is to be on this platform.

Brian is my mentor and I have read few things from him.

I have written down many titles but how to develop I know not,

and the courage to go beyond that has been the challenge.

I am pregnant with so much messages but how to deliver...

Any kind hearted should assist me with the know how.



I want a photo
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Hi there,

I would recommend all of you join the Facebook group if you have purchased the "How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author," course. There is a much more current discussion happening there.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Peter Rengstorf

Customer Support Manager

Brian Tracy International

Thank you very much Brian Tracy International. My heart is finally at peace after connecting with Brian Tracy International . I have over the years been looking for a system and support opportunity that would help my dream of becoming a Public Speaker, motivational speaker and a writer. I am excited about this new connection, and I thank you very much.
Hello. anyone else writing here?

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