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Who we are today is a reflection of what we think most of the time.

 Everyone desires a good life but not everyone attains the level of self-fulfillment. At times we spend time holding back to our fears, past backgrounds thus the liabilities of origin and even be let down by environmental forces. Each and every-time you complain about any situation, blaming others, the environment, your employer or even your background as well, just know that the same time someone is grateful about the opportunities created by the same hardships you are facing. It is therefore of great significance to always have positive thoughts for when the right time comes for them to reflect, the greater you will become. In life there will always be a time where opportunity meets a prepared mind, so it is important to have positive thoughts in our businesses or careers so as to live life with gusto.

I could not agree more. "If we spend too much time looking back at yesterday, we are liable to trip over tomorrow."

Hola. Donde? ?
Yes. It is important that we think and act positively as much as possible. Just as it is also important that we utilize the time, between conceptualization and materialization, to prepare for the opportunity to break through. I have come to appreciate the power of a positive mindset. Mindset, attitude and action set the ball rolling just wonderfully well.
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