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The Personalized Marketing Mix

The world most famous marketing concept rests on the 4P's of marketing which are the Price, Product, Place and Promotion hence the extended marketing mix then adds Physical evidence, People and the Process to the tools-box of marketing. Knowing these 7P's is not enough but personalizing them to map a new brand called You is the best! Product - l am a product of my own nature, what makes me different and special to others? Price - of what value am l to the society in which l leave? Place - where exactly can l position my uniqueness to an advantage of others? Promotion - what can l do to promote my abilities or skills? Physical evidence - what is it that l hold marks a tangible source for what l can do professionally? People - where is the market l intend to serve? Process - what way would l prefer to operate? The marketing mix does not only work to market products and services but can also be of use in personal branding and professional developments of individuals. It is now time the world realize how other powerful theories once developed can help growth of personality than just be content with knowing the theory thus knowledge alone is good but helpless when it lacks an analytical plan on how best to utilize that knowledge into a totally new era than just depending on old-lazy tricks of education known as the cram, pass and forget philosophy. The business world is need of great thinkers but less are found, in everything you do - do to your level best and be prepared to fail forward till you reach your desired state.

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Apt. this is should a book!

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